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Inspyr Labs

Functional Prototyping

Making Prototypes That are More Than Just a Model

Functional Prototyping Works

We prioritize getting as much figured out as possible as quickly as we can. Physical prototyping, consistent testing, and early planning allow us to get a better plan for you and your product. Too often, prototypes are pushed back in the development process, risking more funds before knowing the viability and potential issues that a physical product has that are invisible digitally.

This is why we work tirelessly to get a prototype out that functions as you want both mechanically and electronically. This will give you and us the best chance to work out every detail of your product before it becomes urgent. A new design needs to be able to work, in order to show what’s not working.

We also push to get prototypes out for digital products, as the ideas we plan before that can’t take the same level of detail into consideration that a functional prototype can. These can be tested to reveal and resolve any oversights, errors, and mistakes that could become larger, more urgent, and more expensive problems later on.

Propelling Ahead of the Competition

We have over 15 years of experience optimizing NPD efforts.  From ideation sessions through coordinating production of your inspiring new product. We can guide you efficiently through the entire process.

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Daniel is a proven technical and innovation leader who can bring cross functional teams together and achieve new products. Daniel takes on new initiatives for change and has the ability to launch them across an organization. He works closely with sales and marketing teams to develop and bring innovative products to market which has led to significant growth. I recommend Daniel for any organization looking for an innovation leader.

David Seaborn

Innovation and Engineering Leader, Parker Hannifin

Inspyr Labs has guided us along the steps of our advanced technology and new product development effort. They found experts at University of Utah and managed the process. They created a testable prototype that logs data to measure improvements. This resulted in a new product that differentiates us through technology advancement. I highly recommend Inspyr Labs for creative and cost effective problem solving to make concepts reality.

Sarah Lloyd

Vice President, Checketts Enterprises